The Wardrobe Revival

If you tend to wear the same clothes again and again or find yourself saying you have nothing to wear, getting dressed can be an exhausting, stressful and uninspiring, confidence-inhabiting experience. If your wardrobe is unorganized, cluttered, working against you or time is not on your side, then a Wardrobe Stylist is just what you need and the Wardrobe Revival is the perfect place to start.

Step One: Personal Style Consultation

We’ll start at your home discussing exactly what you want to achieve. We’ll talk about your clothing preferences and find out what’s important to you. We’ll discuss your lifestyle, the goals you have and how you want to look and feel.         

Step Two: Organise and Style

Next, we’ll go through your whole wardrobe, including shoes, bags and accessories. We’ll identify key pieces already hanging in your wardrobe. Together, we’ll work to create looks you need, whether that be for work or for casual day looks. We can create new, complete outfits with what you already own. We’ll de-clutter your wardrobe of those pieces that aren’t serving you. We’ll organise everything else in a way that makes it easy to style yourself. We’ll also look at the care and storage of your clothes.

The Wardrobe Revive service will give you a refreshed and organised wardrobe that works with you on those hectic mornings or for that last minute do. It will provide you with a fresh perspective in creating new looks from clothes you already own, creating more outfit options and help you realise your shopping habits and clothing needs. You will also have an understanding of how to restyle your current pieces in order to get the most out of your investment and staple pieces.